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A-180 Lyrics

You may, or may not, know that before Mark, Barry, Will and Bob called themselves "Audio Adrenaline" they were known as "A-180" A-180 put out a demo tape titled "Reaper's Train" which got into the hands of one of the ForeFront execs and led to the signing of "Audio Adrenaline" Here are the lyrics to the songs that were on A-180's "Reaper's Train" demo.

by Barry Blair

The time has come now you can't let
Another day go by- go by
No more excuses, no lies,
No more reasons why!

Everytime he calls to you
You run the other way
When you gonna face the truth
Only he can save you!

Run Run Run
You'll face Him someday.

In control of your own life
No one tells you what to do- what to do
I've got noews for you-
Every knee will bow- that means you!

by Barry Blair

Broken hearts and broken homes
Been through it all but you know
That you're not alone
Tears are fallin' down like rain
But there is one who can feel your pain.

And I know it's hard (so hard)
When your world comes crashing down around you.
You give it all you've got but you
Can't make it on your own.
Tears are fallin'
Jesus is callin' out your name
Tears are fallin'
I know it hurts but there's one who can ease your pain.

Now every day may seem a test
But Jesus said, "One day I'll give you rest."
And even when it burns like fire
Every day I climb a little higher

When I think I've lost the fight
When the day turns black as night
I'm not afraid cause I know
You'll never let me go.

by Mark Stuart, Bob Herdman, Ron Gibson
Music by Barry Blair, Will McGinniss

The pagen's haven, the old man's bookstore
The tiniest taste leaves you begging for more
A never-ending battle to be satisfied
Feeds the bellies of the children of lies.

Art for Sale
Art for Sale
Art for Sale

Hollywood's rumblin' in a young man's brain
Chasing that dream girl, yeah she'll drive you insane
Billboard beauties high on the hill
A big boss network making his sell with a thrill

A nation painted by corruption, lust, and lies
Congress plays the pleaser, while America dies
It's time to face the peddler, to put him in his place
Resist the great deceiver, sanctify this wicked race.

Pretty picture painted Jezebel
Pretty as the gates of hell
Pretty as a bird in flight
Pretty as the sun at night
Glimmer, glimmer, fantasy
T.V. blasts my mind away.

by Bob Herdman; Music by A-180

Well if a DC-10 fell on your head
And you're laying on the ground all messy and dead
Or a mack truck ran over you
Or you suddenly died in your Sunday pew!

Do you know where you're gonna go!
Do you know where you're gonna go!
Do you know where you're gonna go!

It could happen any day It could happen anywhere
It could happen while you're napping in your easy chair
It could happen at home It could happen at school
It could happen while your rappin like a rappin fool


Your head is hurting and you take a pill
You truthfully think its Advil
But what you don't know is your girlfriend lied
And she just gave you cyanide!


You better believe there'll be a price
It was paid in full by Jesus Christ!
(He died for you)


by Barry Blair

From inside comes a still small voice
Lifiting me higher
To a place where I can almost
Reach out and touch you

I can feel your presence in the darkness
I can feel your presence in the light

Your love, it cuts through the darkness
Raise me up like the wind
Spirit consumes me like fire
Drawing me nearer you love.

Mountaintop- I can see glory
On your face
And you reach out- You reach out and touch me.
I'm here with you.

You were with me.

by Ron Gibson; Music by Barry Blair

My only hope is in you
My constant refuge and my rest
With eternal hope andpeace
I have been truely blest.

The lasting flow of your love
Your heart pours out to me
Keeps my soul longing,
Longing to someday be with Thee.

Unmatched power andmajesty,
Your name is Holy and great.
Becauseof your loving sacrifice
Only through you can we enter
Heaven's gate.

Seeking only your perfect will
Your guidance is our light
Standing firm in the faith
We will fight the good fight.

In your hand lies our fate
We come to you in repentance
Now waiting for that day
The day of our deliverance

by Barry Blair

Say a prayer for the children
And for this world they must grow up in
People starvin', people dying
People living in their sin.

We gotta job to do-
Gotta let the whole world know
That Jesus is alive

Politician in a scandle
TV preacher in the evening news
No one knows, no one's watching
So do whatever you want to do.

There's a day- A time is coming
When His glory we will see
We have a world that needs to hearthe message
While we fight over our MTV