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Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

This is a song that me and my friend wrote for Ben for his 24th birthday.

A Birthday Ode To Ben
Written by: Holly and Ashley (1999 TYFOON! Recordings/planetgirl Music)
Music by: Audio Adrenaline (1997 Up In The Mix Music)
To the tune of "People Like Me"

Well, we'll tell you the story of Ben
BFF's loved him, since way back when
But we're telling the world that it's true
That all of us Zombies, we love him too.
He sold their TShirts long ago
Then he joined the band, now he's part of the show
When the other guys heard him play
They knew he was THE drummer for Audio A

It's his birthday, his 24th birthday
We want to sing, our song
To celebrate
On his 24th birthday

He never intended to be
A professional drummer for Audio A
Playing soccer was his first dream
Now the touring life is his thing
Stage crews, sound checks, performances
Ever day a new city to play
I hope that you will agree
That Ben is the best drummer alive

They can't stand with out Ben any more
They forgot what it's like witout him
Please come take our hand
Zombies make our stand
Happy birthday to,
Ben Cissell