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Happy Birthday, Mark!!!

This is a story that me and the gang at the AA Discussion Zone write together. People that helped write this story, (besides me, planetgirl) are: Angellybean Tiff Sad Clown101 Ashley4HIM mooga switchchick alleluiagirl

Once upon a time there was this awesome man of God who had a part in writing an AWESOME praise and worship song called "Hands And Feet."

..... The guys in Audio A all helped write "Hands and Feet," and they felt that it was a great message to other Christians.

Mark had started fiddeling around with the song after reminiscing of some of the missionary trips he took with his parents to Haiti.

"Man, I love going on mission trips. It's sooo GREAT when God uses YOU to send His gospel to the world - to be his hands and feet."

After Mark said this, Will had an idea. Will, Bob, Ben, Tyler, Mike all chipped in and decided to send Mark on a missionary trip to.....

Botswana. In fact, they all decided to go, because it was such a good idea.

One night Mark came home from doing a concert with the guys and he was exhuasted. So he went to bed and soon everyone was in bed and the house was quiet. That is until midnight..... No one noticed the black figure who slipped in the back room window and into the bathroom. The figure picked some thing up out of the medicine cabnit and left.

The next morning Mark got ready to go and do a photo shoot. Going into the bathroom he went to put on some hair gel when he suddenly found it was gone. He looked high and low but it wasn't to be found. So he started to cry when suddenly...

..... Kerri comes in and asks Mark what's wrong.

"My hair gel. It's gone. Someone must have stolen it last night!!"

"Mark, calm down. you probably just misplaced it." Kerri said.

"No, I didn't. I always keep it on the top shelf on the right side of the medicine cabinet."

"Well, fine. I'll look for it while you're at the photo shoot,ok. You can use my gel until then,ok?"

"But yours is that girly smelling kind." whined Mark.

"Just use it and stop complaining. You're going to be late if you don't hurry."

At the photo shoot, the guys come over to Mark to casually mention the idea of going on a missions trip again.
Will brings up the subject, when Ben interrupts him.

"Do you guys smell something? IT smells like raspberry," Ben says while going around sniffing everyone. "It's you Mark. You smell like raspberry."

The guys started laughing and Mark said, "It's not raspberry. It's 'Berry Suprise', and it's Kerri's. I had to use her gel this morning because someone stole mine!"

Everyone gasps in shock.

"Do you have any idea of who might have done that?" Tyler asks

"It has to be someone that we see else would they know where it was?" Mark asked. That was a good point so Ben exclaimed...

"Wow! Look at Mizzie's hair!" Raze had just walked in, and Mizzie's hair looked GREAT!

"Yeah, it does look great. she must go to the same stylist that I do." Mark exclaimed.

"Hmmm...... I know. We need to question everyone here. Then we'll need to fingerprint your bathroom. Don't worry Mark. I've seen every episode of Matlock. We'll find the hair gel." Ben encouraged.

"Ok, thanks. Well,first things first. Let's take a break from this photo shoot and look at these missions brochures over a hamburger @ Denny's." Mark said

All the guys agreed and they went to Denny's. Mark and Tyler ordered a hamburger and fries, Will ordered a turkey sandwich, and Ben ordered a 16 oz. steak with a baked potato, onion rings, fried cheese sticks and a garden salad on the side.

While they were waiting for their food to come, they looked over the 5 different brochures for the mission trips. Just then, a crazed lunatic named Julie, who was really short and had blue and pink hair walked up to them said hi. All the guys said hi and shook her hand, and when Ben shook her hand she screamed and became all fidgity. (Fans.....jeesh!)

Julie had been jumping around so much that the guys hadn't noticed her best friend Ashley standing behind her. Ashley *finally* got Julie to calm down enough for her to say hi to the band also. "Hey Mark..... your hair looks different..... did you start seeing a new stylist?" Ashley asked.

"No, I didn't" Mark looked all bumbed out. "Someone stole my hair gel, and I had to use Kerri's, and it's just not the same."

"They stole your hair gel?" Julie said. "I'll kill 'em!!!" she yelled.

"Jules, calm down, chic. It's ok." Ashley said. She turned to Mark "Do you know who did it?"

Mark shook his head. "Not a clue"

"Well, we're not busy today! We can find it for ya!" Julie was always in the mood for solving a mystery, especially if it meant helping out with her favorite band, Audio Adrenaline.

"Really? That's great guys! I'd appreciate the help! We're kinda busy today preparing for a show.... So, here's what you can do.......

...First of all, you can just kind of wander around and look for clues. Interview some people and round up a few suspects. We think it's someone we're around a lot because they knew where I kept my hair gel."

Ashley had grabbed one of the crayons that Ben was using to color the kids placemat and was taking notes on a napkin of what Mark was telling her. Julie was just sitting on the floor staring at Ben intently. He was coloring his placemat and every few seconds glancing down at her with a confused/scared expression on his face.

The reason Ben was a afraid of Julie was(though no one knew) that he had kept having dreams about her... in different situations and to see her in real life scared the snot out of him.

Ashley took as many notes as the napkins and crayons held out(she even used Ben's favorite color all up).She then looked at Mark and said....

" I know who did it!!!!!"

"Who?" everyone said in unison.

"Satchel. That's it. All the clues point to him. He doesn't have hair gel of his own, he's always trying to put his up like mine. It's got to be him" Mark said matter of factly.

"ummm...Mark... I don't mean to be rude, but I really doubt Satchel did it. Come on, my son's only a little over a year old!!" Will exclaimed.

"Fine, then. You come up with some suspects, smarty pants!" Mark retorted.

Just then, Tiffany runs frantically through the doors of Denny's. "I'm sorry I'm soooo late. I was in a play, and I just heard about what happened.I ran off stage as soon as I heard about it. I'll probably get kicked out of the plays for that." Tiffany said while trying to catch her breath.

"Nah, they won't kick you out. You are to good of an actress to do that. You rock in those plays." Ben says.

"Thanks. Actually, I was writing up some notes on the way here. I think the people I ran into aren't to happy about me doing that, but Oh well." Tiff said. "Let's go girls!!"

Tiffany, Ashley, and Julie run and jump onto the pink mosquito mobiles out front. As they were driving away, a voice came crackling over a radio on the scooters. "I have a few tips for you to check on. Here they are, angels!!!"

Ben's Angels ride out to the venue while listening to the info. They were close to solving the case, .... and Charlie's angels thought they were good. They haven't seen anything yet!!!!

Ashley, in talking to Mark and the others at Denny's and listening to the voice over the radio had already narrowed it down to three main suspects. Ben (although because she was so fond of him she hated to admit that he was a suspect), Mizzie, and Joe-one of the roadies.

In her heart Tiff knew it wasn't Ben. Why would he be trying to help them if he did it?

Tiff had a sinking suspicion that it was the head light person - Drew Baca. Who else would have more of a motive? Drew always has to change the lights when Mark randonly decides to move to a different spot on stage, he was still trying to get back at Mark because he had beat him in laser tag. The reasons were just piling up.

At the venue, Julie, Ashley, and Tiffany each decided to interview someone. Tiff chose Drew, Ashley chose Mizzie, and Julie chose Joe. Here's how we wanted to go about. First we were going to say that we needed to talk. Then, when they sat down, we were going to smell their hair and ask these questions:
1) Where were you at precisely 12:32 AM on the evening of April 7, 2000?
2) Do you have anything against Mark?
3) Do you have a thing for icecream?
4) Who has the rubber chicken?

Suddenly a babys cry is heard thoughtout the venue.....

SATCHEL!!!!!! Will screams he finds him in Mizzie's arms and some purply stuff on his hair

"Oh my gosh what are you doing?????" Bill inquires?

"Doing his hair" Mizzie replies

Mark enters and says, "My old hair gel used to realy sting my eyes if I remember right you know its been so long....."

"It is Mizzie." Tiffany and Ashley cry together. Jacob had let them borrow the digital camera, and they got her taking the gel out of her backpack.

Mizzie reluctantly gave back the gel. She apologized, and reasoned "your hair is always the coolest, and I just wanted to try something different." Mark was just happy his gel was back. He craddled it in his arms and then ran to the dressing room to reunite the gel with his *berry surprise* smelling tresses.

At the end of July, all of the guys went on a missions trip to Haiti with Mr. and Mrs. Stuart. Even Raze, and Fono came along. It was the best birthday present he had ever received, aside from the gallon of hair gel that Mizzie gave Mark.

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