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Tyler's Birthday Story

Tyler saves Underdogville
By: Julie and Ashley

One fine day, Tyler was relaxing by his tylermobile, when the Tyler Signal went off.
"Danger must be approaching Underdogville!" he exclaimed.

Quickly running inside his secret HQ he pressed the signal button to figure out what was wrong.
"mightygoodguitarist we need you to save the world's supply of M&M's from evil the Wombat." Mayor Barry explained.

"All right mayor Barry I'll be there in a flash!" Quickly, Tyler got into his Tylermobile and went off in search of the evil Wombat. "Oh my goodness! The Wombat is taking the world's supply of M&Ms!"

*Narrator; note to Tyler, yes Tyler we already said that*

"Oh yeah, right, anyways: *ahem* I must save the M&Ms from the evil Wombat!!"
*goofy hero theme music plays*

When he finds the Wombat, he rushes in and does the secret superhero fighting moves to the bad guy. "Oh no! This wombat is unstoppable!!!!! what to do?!?"
*an idea pops in his head*
"Aha! An idea has just popped in my head! I'll lure it away with my stinky shoes!!"

So Tyler takes off his shoes, and holds them up for the wombat to smell.
"Take that you evil Wombat!"

The wombat follows the scent of the extremely stinky shoes (guitarists' shoes are always quite smelly).
Tyler throws his shoes into a cage, and the wombat follows the scent into the cade.
He shuts the door and traps the evil Wombat!

Regaining his composure, he walks out of the building to hear the entire population of Unerdogville cheering for him.
"You saved the day!" One citizen shouts. "And the world's supply of M&Ms too!!"

Mayor Barry comes up to Tyler, "Thank you so much mightgoodguitarist! But, will we ever truly know who you are?"

"No, i'm afraid that superhero code #13bt forbids me to tell my secret identity, but never fear i'll always be there to rescue, Underdogville from the clutches of evil"
*dramatic music plays*

That night, Tyler got out of his tylermobile at his secret HQ to a loud welcoming shout of "SURPRISE!"

*wipes tear from eye*
"Aw guys you're the best, you remembered my birthday!"

Mark walks up to Tyler, "Yeah buddy, you'd think we'd forget that?"

They all went inside and enjoyed a gigantic superhero birthday cake.
"Alright, Tyler, time to open presents!" Ali said. "Open mine first!"

Tyler opens Ali's present and with a big smile on his face turns to her and says, "Aw, thanks honey! A new amp, just what I need!!"

Will hands Tyler his present next.
"Will! I can't believe it, you bought me this?"
*holds up a guitar case*
"Thanks buddy!"

"Bob, aw you shouldn't have..."
*shows off his new puppy*

"Ben, what's this?"
*looks at present*

Ben grins. "It's my custom made guitar strap for you!"

*Tyler looks at strap with shells embedded into it*
"Yeah that's a nice thought, and that's what counts"

*Opens Mark's present next*
"Wow!!!! A new guitar!"

Mark smiles. "Yea, I figured I'd get it for you since you only needed one more guitar to make your collection and even 75."

*Opens Mike's present last*
"Aw, Mike how'd you know?"
*shows everyone his new purple superhero's cape with gold lettering* "You even spelled my name right."
"Aw guys, this has been great!"

Mark looks at the clock, and noticing how late it is, says, "Well Tyler, we got to go, we have to wash our windows before it rains"

"But we haven't even had ice cream!"

Will gets a shinny look in his eyes and replies "OK I'm up for some anyone else?"

Everyone else agrees, and they sit down for some ice cream.
"What falvor does everyone want?" Ali asks.
"We have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry..."

"SALAMI!" Ben shouts.

Everyone else in unison groans at Ben's disgusting eating habits.

"I'm just kidding guys! I want chocolate, please"
Everyone else agrees to have chocolate ice cream also.

"I'll put on some music!" Tyler says, searching for a CD.

"Wow, what's this group called? They're awesome!" Mark asks.

Tyler looks at the cover of the CD
"The Crazed Yesh Wombats... and the CD is called 'Bouncing off the Padded Walls'"

Just then, the Tyler Signal beeps again.
"Oh man, not now!.... But I guess a superhero's work is never done"
*Cheesy superhero music plays in the background as as Tyler posed on a mountain top, cape flowing behind him*

The End..... or is it?