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Audio Adrenaline's Bio

Currently, Audio A consists of Mark, Bob, Will, Ben and Tyler. On Audio A's first 4 albums, Barry Blair was lead guitarist, but Barry left the band before the 5th album was put out. Ty replaced Barry as lead guitarist when he left. Ben joined the band about a year or so before Tyler. Mark, Bob, and Will have all been there since the beginning. Michael Owsley (who is Mark's cousin) has been touring with the band for about 2 years as their keyboardist, but isn't an official member of the band. Audio Adrenaline was signed to ForeFront Records on April 15th, 1991 and their discography is as follows:

Audio Adrenaline 1992
Don't Censor Me 1993
LIVE Bootleg 1995
bloOm 1996
Some Kind of Zombie 1997
Underdog 1999

Audio Adrenaline also recorded a video that has 4 music videos on it, the vid is called "Audio Adrenaline's Big House" and the music videos that are on it are PDA their first ever music video! AKA Public School, We're A Band and of course Big House. Audio Adrenaline's other music videos include Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus, Free Ride, Some Kind of Zombie, Blitz, Get Down and Hands and Feet

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Mark - Bob - Will - Ben - Tyler