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Bob Explains
Audio A's Songs

This is a little something I found on Audio a's old website and I thought was pretty cool.... it's Bob explaining all of Audio A's song (up to that point, anyhow)..... Everything after this paragraph is from BOB's perspective, not MINE! So let's begin with a little note from Bob........

This is a history of Audio Adrenaline songs off of "Audio Adrenaline," "Don't Censor Me," and "bloOm" I've tried, to the best of my knowledge, to explain how each song was formulated and where the ideas originated. Since I did not write all the songs, and all of the contributors are not by my side, I may have to speculate as to the thoughts of others.

Don't Censor Me
Audio Adrenaline


This is one of my favorite songs. One day when we were on tour in the Spring of '95, Barry and Will were playing this song for about thirty minutes in our little studio we would set up in our dressing room. Pretty soon, Mark joined in and started singing "I've Got a Secret" over and over. I filled in the rest of the words later on.

Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus

I think that Mark got the idea for this song when we were playing a showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville last Spring. While we were setting up for the show, Mark heard this weird song playing over the stereo system.. The song had a line that said something about being bigger than Jesus. Of course that sparked Mark's interest and our song about NEVER being bigger than Jesus was born.

Good People

Growing up in one place all of your life tends to give a person "tunnel vision". You might assume that people who don't live in the same area or share your background couldn't possibly have the same values or philosophies. Now that I've traveled all over the country, I have met so many people from all different areas and walks of life who aren't anything like me - but share the most important thing with me - the love of Jesus Christ. There's one story in particular that helped me realize this: one night after a show in Los Angeles, a group of us were eating at Denny's. Among the group was a family who lived in East LA. They were sharing with us how God had been working in their lives. It just hit me that these were wonderful, Godly people who were completely different from me. What a shock to find out that Christians don't just grow in the Bible Belt. :)

I'm Not The King

I can't really remember where this song came from, but I know it was a quite while ago...I think it was my first idea for the new record. It's a very simple theme. "I'm not the king I just sing." (If your don't know who the Lizard King is, it's Jim Morrison. )

Walk On Water

It's amazing what we can do when we put our lives into the hands of God. We can do things that seem unreal and impossible to our little brains.

See Through

Barry wrote this music for another song but we wanted to use it for a song that Mark and I had written a chorus for on an airplane. We finished the rest of the song at my home. This song is very self-reflective. What we want people to get from this song is the fact that we as artists should not be glorified or honored. If anyone puts their faith in Audio Adrenaline they will only be disappointed. We are human and often fail each other as well as our friends. Fortunately, we have a gracious God who uses us for His glory even when we can't be what everyone else wants us to be. We want people to look through us and see that everything that's good about Audio Adrenaline is from Him! not from us.

Free Ride

The idea to cover this song came from my wife, Jeanette. About a year ago she played this song for me and suggested that AA cover it. I thought it was a pretty good song, but felt kind of embarrassed about telling the other guys about it..."hey everyone, my wife has this great idea for a song...". I never really told anyone about the song, but Jeanette was determined to get the song recorded. She played the song for Mark one day in the car, he liked it and the rest is history.

Man of God

This song is pretty self-explanatory. I had the first few lines of this song in my head for a long time, but thought they may be too negative for an AA song. Mark had the idea for a song called "Man of God", and it all kind of came together with my earlier lyric.


Will and Barry wrote the music for this song first. At first we were calling it "Twister". No one could really think of any lyrics to go with that title so we weren't going to use it at all. I kind of liked the music and thought that "Gloryland" just fit with the music. The whole song is like a metaphor of becoming a Christian. It talks about literal things (taking a trip, meeting a man in Kentucky), but they are all symbolic. It's just kind a fun campy song.

Bag Lady

I wrote the lyrics to this song during the last DC TALK tour while I was driving our truck late one night. It's a song that's about Christ's compassion. There is so much injustice in the world, but God is loving and just to all of those who call on Him. My favorite verse which would have been the third verse got cut out because we needed to make the song shorter. If you ever want to know what it is, just ask me.

I Hear Jesus Calling

This is one of the only songs that I have ever written both lyrics and music for. It was one of the first songs we recorded, but after we started doing all of the other songs, we didn't know if we really wanted to put it on the album. At the last minute we decided to put it on the album in it's demo form just for fun. Mark and I each sang the lead vocal part in the studio to see what was the best vibe for the song...guess who won?


This song has had several titles: "Bloom", "Boom", "The Funk Song", and "Memoir" The reason we decided to call it "Memoir" is because the lyrics are like something that could be out of our own memoirs. God has blessed us all so much as a band and as Christians, it's almost too good to be true. We are so thankful for all of the good things and good people God has brought into our lives.

Don't Censor Me

Can't Take God Away

This is one of the only songs on the album that we did not write all of. Toby McKeehan actually wrote most of it and asked us if we would be interested in putting it on our album. It's a great song and it's one that we still love to play in concert. We've messed around a lot with lately. We've been ending it with different guitar riffs, the most used riff lately is "Smoke On The Water".

A.K.A. Public School

This song was actually written a long time ago in Dayton, Ohio when we were writing songs for our first album. It never got used, and we dug it out for this record. I think the music to the chorus of "P.D.A" on our first record came from A.K.A. When we recorded for this record we had to write a new chorus melody, but I had written the lyrics a long time before. The video to this song was our idea and we wrote the whole treatment out on our truck. The video is supposed to look like it's the early Seventies. It was a fun video to make.


This is a song that Will wrote all the lyrics . It talks about God being the most intimate person in one's life and also the longing of a person wanting God to be in that position.

My World View

This song talks about how we as Christians should want to see the world through the eyes of Jesus. Kevin Smith from DC Talk sang with Mark on this one.

Big House

Of course anyone that knows anything about Audio Adrenaline knows that Big House is the most popular song we have ever written. None of us ever realized that this song would be so popular and affect so many people. God has used this song for great things and we feel blessed to be a part of it. We have come to realize that it is the message of hope that makes this song so loved. No matter what we have on this earth God has great thing in store for us in Heaven. I think Mark and Will came up with the concept of this song.

Jesus And The California Kid

I wrote the lyrics to this song driving one night through Indiana. I have no idea of where the inspiration came from for this song. It just came. We ended up adding too many background vocals and extra instruments in the studio and we could never really play it live all that well, so we didn't. Mark hated singing it anyway.

Don't Censor Me

"Don't Censor Me" was the title song off of this album. We felt that Christianity seemed to be censored more than a lot of other things in the media. If you ever have watched MTV you will see them preaching against censorship, yet it seems that they are the biggest hypocrites of that philosophy. There are many top quality videos from Christian bands that won't get played on MTV. The whole idea of this song is to encourage Christians to stand up and be bold about what they believe-- no matter what people say, do or think. We would also hope that they would do it in a loving, caring way like Christ would.

Let Love

This song simply says to love everyone like Christ does.

We're A Band

This is still one of our favorite songs to play live. It simply says we are a band for the glory of God and with guitars in our hands we go out and preach the gospel.

Rest Easy

This is one of our favorite slow songs we had recorded up to the time of this album. It says "have no fear" because God will take care of all your problems. We have had several people come up to us and say that they were contemplating suicide and this song actually kept them from doing it. We have always wanted to minister to people with our music , but it wasn't till we heard these stories that we actually saw the good that God was doing thorugh our music. It made us all really stop and think about how important our ministry was. There are times when you loose focus on what you set out to do, and the affects of this song really brought us back to that original vision.

Scum Sweetheart

A lot of people would ask us what this song was all about. They would ask us if some girl had broke our hearts or something. A spark may have been kindled by a broken heart , but the song actually refers to having a rotten romance with the world. The world will always break your heart, but falling in Love with Jesus will never let you down. Our record company was a little leery of us putting this song on our album, but we persisted and it has been one the better songs we do, especially live.

Audio Adrenaline

I think of the first Audio Adrenaline record as being created in three different periods. In college, in Grayson Kentucky. While we lived in Dayton, Ohio for six months. When we all first moved to Nashville.

These first three songs all come from our days at Kentucky Christian College and have a lot to do with how we got our record deal. Mark, Barry, and Will were in another band in college called A-180. I was a friend of theirs and DC-10 was the first song I had ever written.


I wrote the words in the summer of 1989 at a church camp in Angola, Indiana while I was a student recruiter for our college. After I had written the lyrics I heard a song later by Anthrax called "I'm the Man". I thought it was a really cool song (at that time) and knew it would really be cool to have Christian music like that. So I talked the guys into putting it on the A-180 indie album called "Reapers Train". It was a really radical song and the kids really liked it. Once we got our record deal as Audio Adrenaline, it was put on our first album. It is the exact same recording that is on the A-180 "Reaper's Train" album. It was recorded in Chesapeake, Ohio at Landmark Studios in the fall of 1989. It's still my favorite.

My God

I had a Youth Ministry in Greenup, Kentucky while I was still in college (in Grayson, KY) and had plenty of time to think of lyrics as I drove back and forth on the weekends. One day the words "Buddha was a fat man, so what!" just came to me as I was driving a church van filled with little kids. Soon after I finished all the words, I knew I had to do something with it. A-180 had just made an album and probably wouldn't make another for quite some time. I didn't know any other bands to record it, and I could barely play my stereo. So I saved up some money and asked Barry Blair and Mark Stuart to record the song for me. I was never going to sing (or shall I say yell on it) but in the studio it just seemed like the cool thing to do. We threw in a choir to make it really weird, and the Rev. Moody part was made up while I stood there looking at the mic and the tape was rolling. It was a lot of fun, and it was basically how Audio Adrenaline was discovered. We paid to get it on a sampler CD that got sent out to different radio stations around the country. Dan Brock from Forefront Records heard it on a college radio station and the rest is history. The song cost about $800 dollars to record. It was recorded sometime in the fall of 1990 at Landmark Studios in Chesapeake, Ohio.


After we got Forefront's attention with the song "My God", they wanted to hear more songs. But at the time Audio Adrenaline was a band with just one song. So we started pumping out as many songs as we could - about ten of them all together. "Life" was one of those songs and has a lot of funny stories behind it. Like the line... "You wrecked your buddy's car and you cracked your head." We had decided to stayed at school for spring break so we could write more songs. One night Barry and I went to a movie in Huntington, WV. I borrowed my roommate's truck who had gone home for spring break. Unfortunately, I didn't see a stoplight turn red and crashed his truck. You can imagine he and his dad's surprise when I had to call them and tell them. No one actually cracked their head though, that was just poetic licensing. As for..."Your hair is falling out, on your pillow and all through the house."... I thought it would be cool to straighten my hair, so I bought a home perm and woke Mark up one afternoon and asked him to come straighten my hair for me. Mark didn't think to read the instructions and about a week later my hair started to thin very rapidly. Fortunately it grew back, about a year later. The moral of the story is that life sometimes has highs and lows but with Jesus in your life you really have nothing to worry about. Recorded at the Saltmine in the spring of 1992.


The idea comes from the public display of affection rule we had at the conservative Christian college we went to. Basically, the rule was to stop couples from showing inappropriate displays of affection on campus. We turned the phrase around to mean the public display of affection that Jesus Christ showed on the cross. If we are going to show affection in public, we should first strive to show our Christian affection to others. Another interesting fact about "P.D.A." is that the chorus melody used to be the melody of "A.K.A. Public School". Recorded at the Saltmine, in the spring of 1992.

Audio World

This was the first slow song we had ever written. We wrote it in Dayton, OH. It is basically a response to the fact that everyone has something to say. Environmentalists, politicians, lobbyists, you name it ...everybody seems has something to say about any one topic. But, there is one thing that everyone needs to HEAR and that is the gospel of Christ. Recorded October, 1991 at the Saltmine.

One Step Hyper

To me this is one of the less meaningful and least personal of all our songs. I can't even remember where the idea for this song came from. I don't know if Mark had the title idea or who. I do remember sitting out on the porch of the house we lived in and writing verses. It was basically a bunch of words that rhymed and sounded good together. The phrase "yo gnarly ho" was our idea of mixing rap and surf talk together. We've been embarrassed ever since. This was one of the three songs we recorded in October of 1991 while we still lived in Dayton. We traveled to Nashville for the weekend and recorded this at the Saltmine. That was when we realized that we really needed to live in Nashville to make a go of the band, so we moved the next month.

The Most Excellent Way

This song to me is just about like "One Step Hyper". I remember sitting at the computer in Dayton and writing many songs. This happened to be one of them. I think Mark had the title idea and chorus words and I probably filled in the verses. I don't know who Fred is either. Saltmine, Spring of '92.

What You Need

This is one of my favorites, we wrote this in the winter of 1991. The music went to a song that Mark had wrote called " Come Jam With Me". For some reason the record company liked the music but not the words. I had heard a song that had a line in it that said, "It's not who you are, it's who you know." I thought to myself that was a great theme for a Christian song. Barry had the music sequenced on a computer for the demo and I just listened to it over and over until I had all the words filled in. It was a lot of fun to write. It was recorded spring of '92 at the Saltmine.

Who Do You Love

This was the second ballad we had written. If I remember correctly, this was an eleventh hour song. (That means, we wrote it a couple of days before we went to the studio to record it.) Mark wrote the melody and the words to the chorus. Then we sat around the kitchen and wrote the rest of the words in one night. ("Lovey dovey, turtle dovey". We thought it was funny.) Saltmine, spring of 1992.

J.E.S.U.S. Is Right

This is the first song that I actually wrote the melody for. But everyone has to start somewhere! Everybody hated it, especially Mark and Will. I pushed and pushed until it made it on the album. I wrote the words too. Anyway, little kids liked it. I also got to do the bridge part where I talk very dramatically. Last but not least, the girl's voice on the song was my girlfriend at the time. She is now my wife! In hindsight, the song might not even be close to one of the best Audio Adrenaline songs, but it was sure fun for me! The song was recorded at Saltmine in the spring of 1992


All of the words in this song were written by Mark. He wrote it after we moved to Nashville. He worked on it for quite a while and I remember seeing the words scribbled down on an old piece of paper in our room. He would add to the words from time to time, but I don't think he ever really finished it until he had to... which was just in time to record it.. Spring. 92. Saltmine.