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Underdog Preview:
Sound Clips and Lyrics

Here are clips from 3 of Audio A's new songs that will be on the Underdog album. They are the same 3 songs that are on the Simply Spectacular CD, but they are different parts of the song, and they have been mixed a little different too. Also, with each clip are partial lyrics to the song (what I could figure out from listening to the clips and Simply Spectacular).
•NEW• Lyrics to "Hands and Feet"

Get Down
Lavishly our lives are wasted
humbleness is left untasted
You can't live your life to please yourself.
That's a tip from my mistakes
Exactly what it doesn't take
To win you've got to come in last place
To live your life you have to lose it
And all the loser's get a crown.
I get down, He lifts me up.
I get down, He lifts me up.
I get down, He lifts me up.
All I need's another day
Where I can't seem to get away
From the many things that drag me down
I'm sure you've had a day like me
Where nothing seems to set you free
From burdens you can't carry all
In your weakness, He is stronger
In your darkness, He shines through
When you're crying, He's your comfort
When you're all alone, He carries you.
This valley
Is so deep
I can barely see the sun
I cry out
For mercy, Lord
And He lifts me up again
We get down, and he lifts us up.

Been beat up
Been broken down
Livin' it up
When you're face down, on the ground
I'm in last place
If a place at all
But there's hope for this underdog
That's the way, uh-huh, we like it
That's the way, uh-uh, we like it

Call me the underdog

Mighty Good Leader
Noted by an ocean of some mixed emotion
They got you down
Pride and passion, physical attraction What ever thing
These sensations, causing you frustration
What you need is a friend
Someone who loves you
Who is above you
Take away all your sin
Help is on the way, yeah, yeah, yeah
Help is on the way
Mighty good leader is on the way
He's the only one gonna come and save the day
He's all right, yea, uh-huh
He's OK,
Cause the mighty good leader is on the way
Now there's someone
Knows where you come from
Doesn't care where you've been
He can put back
Pieces that you lack
Make you whole again

Hands and Feet
An image flashed across my TV screen
Another broken heart comes into view
I saw the pain, and I turned my back
Why can I do the things I want to
I am willing yet I'm so afraid
You give me strength when I say
I wanna be Your hands
I wanna be Your feet
I'll go where You send me
I'll go where You send me
I'll be Your hands
I'll be Your feet
I'll go where You send me
I'll go where You send me
And I'll try, yeah I'll try
To touch the world like You've touched my life
An I'll find my way
To be Your hands

I'll abandoned every selfish thought
I'll surrender everything I've got
You can have everything I am
And perfect everything I'm not
I am willing, I'm not afraid
You give me strength when I say...
This is the last time I turn my back on You
From now on I'll go, send me where You want me to
I finally have a mission I promise I'll complete
I don't excuses when I am Your hands and feet
I am Your hands and feet