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Audio Adrenaline Pictures:

These are pics of Michael Owsley, Audio A's touring keyboardist... Mike is also Mark's cousin!
Thanks to Arie and Aunt Jane for letting me use some of these pics!!!

Mike playin his keys (5.99)
Mike and his Mom (5.99)
Mike at Sonfest (6.11.99)
Mike at Rock the Universe (9.11.98)
Mike at Night of Joy (9.10.99)
Mike and Arie (9.15.99)
Mike and Arie again (11.25.99)
Mike in Rolla, MO (9.18.99)
Mike at the New Years Eve show (12.31.99)
Playing his old fashioned "Organ" (1.28.00)
Mike's mom, Mike, Arie, and Arie's Dad (1.28.00)
Mike and Riley Armstrong (1.28.00)