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Audio Adrenaline Quotes

Here are some interesting things the guys have said about themselves and each other.

"Sometimes I'd consider Bob being on the verge of nuts" - Mark
"My favorite song is 'Lighthouse'.... if Led Zeplin didn't have Jimmy Page and they had Bodiddly, that'd be 'Lighthouse'" - Ben
"Mark LOVES country music" - Will
"I don't know why" - Bob (refering to Mark liking country music)
"I heard the phrase 'Rock on Gertrude' and I was like 'wha...?' but then it was like, that's cool!" - Will
"He tought Bill how to play bass about 7 years ago" - Bob, in 1995 refering to Barry
"Mark's the most analitical of the group" ..... "Oh he'll drive you nuts!" ..... "He's trying to solve the world's problems through quotents and equations" - Will, Bob, then Will again.
"That's not true!" - Mark, refering to the previous statement
"Every week, he'd hang his new poems in the dorm and everybody would come by and read them..... that was some of the wierdest stuff I ever read" - Barry, refering to Bob
"Check out these overalls!" - Barry, refering to himself in the PDA video
"They made us look like little, uh, dweebs maybe?!" - Bob, refering to the people that did their wardrobe for the PDA video
"They did what was, back then, an expensive video for our first video, and I hate it now" - Mark, refering to the PDA video
"The man can do anything... I think he's gonna one day be a T.V. evangelist, or President" - Will refering to Bob
"Play that guitar there Barry!" - Mark
"Bob drives truck...he's not a very good driver. I think he drives by brail." - Will
"I like Dwight Yokum and Stone Temple Pilots. I wanna start a band someday called Stone Temple Yokum." - Mark
"He thinks he's lost it." -Will (talking about Bob's plane ticket when him and Mark took it.)
"Look at them fingernails"- Bob one time at an autograph session when a friend of mine had painted her fingernails painted yellow.
"Yes, but my brother doesn't" - Mark, when asked if he has tonsils. (Thanks to Rachel for this one)
"BOB!" - Mark, when he noticed I was wearing a Bob the Tomato t-shirt.
"Well, we have some dancers on order, but we just can't dance" - Ben, when my dad jokingly asked him why they don't have choreographed dance moves.
"You're wet! Have you guys been jumping in puddles?" - Bob, when he put his arm around my friend for a picture and noticed we were wet because it had rained earlier.
"We're all very different guys, and God somehow uses our differences." - Will
"That would be Bob's brainchild." - Mark, about The Houseplant Song.
"It's our rock opera." - Will, about The Houseplant Song.
"My Mom says it's our best record ever." - Mark, about Underdog.
"Knowdaverbs got nothing on you, Mac!" - Mark, to Mac Powell (Third Day) when Mac rapped "Jesus is Just Alright"
"I went to sea world once" - Ben
"My favorite video *smile* is PDA *laugh*" - Ben talking about the PDA video.
"It looks like New Kids on the Block" - Ben talking about the PDA video.
"We were stupid!" - Bob talking about AA in the PDA video, which he later corrected himself by saying that they were just young and nieve.
"I landed on my butt, and I broke my tail bone." - Mark
"And, Ben's FIRED cause he's a technical midget" - Mark
"We rehired Ben, he's been trained a little further in technical wizardry" - Mark
"Art. Good art. Good commercial art." - Mark talking about the Get Down video.
"Seriously!" - Tyler in reply to what Mark just said.
"DORK ALERT!" - Mark, refering to something that Bob said.
"I'm hoping to win an oscar" - Bob talking about his wonderful acting in the Get Down video.
"You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!" Mark immitating what Gary Chapman said to him.
"That's great! No wonder our record's doing so well now!" - Tyler, upon hearing about the recent "Ben Cissell is missing" hoax.
"It's very pretty there" - Ben, speaking of Spokane, WA which is his favorite place to visit while on tour.
"Nutter Butters and Double Stuffs" - Tyler, speaking of his favorite thing to eat while on tour.

If you've heard the guys say anything funny, cute or just plain cool, send it to me and I will post it here.