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Audio Adrenaline Reviews

If you're thinking of getting one of Audio A's CDs, videos, or books, or if you just want to read someone else's opinions about them, then you're in the right place! Here I will write reviews on all their CDs, the video, and the book. You can scroll down through the whole page, or you can just click on the particular review you want to read, below. (All of these are CDs, unless it is noted beside them.)

Audio Adrenaline
Don't Censor Me
Audio Adrenaline's Big House (video)
LIVE Bootleg
Zombie Single
Some Kind of Zombie
Some Kind of Journey (book)

Audio Adrenaline - 1992

Audio Adrenaline's self titled, debut album released on ForeFront Records. Barry (former lead guitarist) said at one time that he would like to take all 75,000 units that were sold, and burn them. I think the album is pretty good myself. If you like pop/techno music, then you'll probably like this album. The guys also said that this album really didn't have much of themselves in it. Since they were a new band, ForeFront didn't give them much freedom and basically told them how to write and record on this album. High points on this album include "Who do you Love," "What You Need," and their 'metal-rock' song "My God." Overall, I'd say on a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) it's a 7

Don't Censor Me - 1993

This is one of my favorite albums of theirs! I love this one. It's got a very good combination of music and vocals (the guitars rock!). AA also said on this album, they didn't get the freedom that they wanted when writing and recording, but that this one they liked better than their first one. Mark (lead singer) says it's pure torture for him to get up on stage and sing "Jesus & the California Kid" (a Beach Boys sounding song).... they removed that song from their line up a long time ago, so don't worry about having to hear it at a show :-) High points on this album include their biggest hit "Big House," "We're A Band" (which they still use as their opening song in concert) and "Rest Easy" which is a wonderful song to fall asleep to. I'd give this CD a rating of 9

Audio Adrenaline's Big House - 1994

Audio A's first and only (to date) video. In my opinion, this is one of the best long form music videos ever made! It's wonderful to look back at their career as it was just starting to get real big back in '94. The video includes 4 of their short form music videos, "AKA Public School," "We're A Band," "Big House," and my personal favorite "PDA" They also talk about Bob's wierd poetry writing, Mark's love for country music, and various other things about each other. This video is definately a 10!

LIVE Bootleg - 1995

Audio A's fisrt Live album. This one was pretty good. Although I don't really go for live albums (especially for the style of music they did back then), I liked it. High points include Will's intro for "Rest Easy," "We're A Band," and the "Medley" which features "My God" and "DC-10" combined together in one song. Overall, I'd rate this CD as a 6.5

bloOm - 1996

If you ask Audio A, I think they'd probably say this is their favorite album. It's definately my favorite too! The whole album is a tremendous combination of pop and rock 'n' roll. I can't say enough good things about this album. My personal favorite songs are "Never Gonna Be," "Free Ride," "Gloryland," and "Walk on Water" This is a wonderful, wonderful album! I'd give this one an 9.5

Some Kind of Zombie, Single - 1997

This is a really cool CD, for a single. It includes Zombie, Free Ride, The Hairbrsh Song (live) and a Zombie remix. The Hairbrush Song, which is a Veggie Tales song, is really great! The CD is also enhanced and has song clips, 2 full length short form music videos ("Never Gonna Be..." and "Free Ride") and also clips from the Some Kind of Journey video, which was never released. Over all, 7.5!

Some Kind of Zombie - 1997

This was Audio A's "experimental" album. Mark said they tried to take a lot of risks on this one, and with it being named Some Kind of Zombie, in a Christian market, that was also a big risk. But it turned out very good! I love this one. "New Body" is my all time favorite Audio A song. Other high points include "Chevette," "Original Species," and "Superfriend" (which is their "punk-rock song" acording to Mark) Over all, 8.5.

Some Kind of Journey, book - 1997

The premis of this book is that Audio A took 7 people on tour with them for 7 days and they talked about 7 different issues. It's an awesome book! You get to see inside the lives of Audio Adrenaline and the 7 individuals on the trip with them. They talk about everything from church, to sex, to fitting in. It's also packed full of pictures on the road with them. They had planned to release a Some Kind of Journey video, but for some reason or another, it was never released. The book also includes the Some Kind of Zombie CD single. Totally awesome, one of the best books I've ever read... I'd give it a 10

Underdog - 1999

Wow! That's the first thing that comes to mind about Underdog! It is awesome! bloOm has been my fave AA album for a long time.... until this one came out!!!! Underdog is totally awesome, and in my opinion their best CD! The musical range on this CD is incredible.... they've got some good hard rockers (Mighty Good Leader, My Love, It's Over) and a nice slow hymn (It Is Well) and a reggae-type tune (Jesus Movement) along with an old-style AA rappish type song (Get Down), and then of course, the Houseplant Song which is set in a coffee house, and is definately going to be a classic! My faves on this CD are Mighty Good Leader, This Day (featuring Mr. Tyler Burkum singing the bridge!), and Jesus Movement. This is a definate must-have of 1999, and a definate 10!