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Last Update: July 25, 2000

July 25-> Forgive me for not updating in so long. I've been major busy with school. Lots of News was added, and the Flicker page was updated.

May 18-> A Bible Reference for Don't Censor Me was added, and the News was updated.

April 28-> A Group Picture of the guys at the Doves was posted (Ben and Mike were there too, but they aren't in the picture), and 10 new Tour Dates were added.

April 20-> Mark's Birthday Story was added. A little late, but it's there now! And some exciting News was added too.

April 14-> The News was updated.

April 6-> The new layout was finally finished!! YAY! And I updated the News.

March 10-> I would like to appologise AGAIN for the Tour Dates being all messed up. There were about 10 or so dates that had either been canceled or changed. I have gotten those all corrected, though I lack some of the phone numbers for certain venues now. I also updated the News

Feb 25-> Bob's Untitled Birthday Story is now up! Thanks to the crew at the Zone for helping me with it, y'all rock!!! :) And happy official birthday to Bill! YAY!

Feb 16-> I added 9 new Tour Dates and corrected 2 of them.

Feb 10-> Will's Birthday Story was added... and this time, I wrote it all by myself! With *no* help!!!! :-)

Feb 5-> Pictures from the Ohio show are now up!! YAY! There's 3 new pics of Mike, 2 new Duos & Trios pics, 1 new Ben pic, and 1 new Will pic. Thanks to Arie and Aunt Jane for the pictures (and for being patient with me about them!)

Feb 4-> The floating Underdog CD was added to the main page. Some browsers may not see it, but if you let the page load completely, the Underdog CD cover will float across the top of the screen.

Feb 3-> Tabs for This Day and the Houseplant Song were added.

Jan 28-> News about the Underdog Tour was added.

Jan 26-> 2 new Quotes were added.

Jan 8-> 8 new Pictures from New Years Eve were added, (2 of Ben, 2 of Mark, 1 of Tyler, 1 of Will, 1 of Mike and 1 group) thanks to Arie for those! Also, 11 new dates and 16 venues were added to the Tour Dates I will soon have up all the phone numbers also (right now I have some of them), but for now, you can go to for most of the phone numbers I don't have yet. Some of the tour dates conflicted between and Pollstar, so I'm sorry if any of the dates are wrong, but I think they are 98% accurate now!!

Jan 5-> GET DOWN! is officially Y2K compliant, yay! Some site mantience was done; a new Quote was added; the News was updated; and the Christmas stuff was archived for next year. Happy new year!

Dec 21-> I added the GET DOWN! Message Board

Dec 16-> The Bible References section was added, and a little bit of FlickerRecords.Com news was added.

Dec 8-> The venues for the 2.24 3.20 and 4.10 Tour Dates were added. And more News.

Dec 4-> 2 more Tour Dates were added, and the venues to 7 more of the tour dates were posted. More of the venues should be released soon, I'll keep you posted! Also, in celebration of Tyler's birthday, my friend Julie and I wrote a story for him, which you can read by going here or by going to the new section devoted to the guys' Birthday Stories.

Dec 3-> 3 more Christmas Decorations were added, and 1 more pic of Michael and the Group were added.

Nov 28-> I added the Celebrate Christmas Audio A Style section. There's not much there yet, but I'm hopefully going to be adding a lot more stuff to it within the next 7-10 days. If you have any suggestions for some cool stuff to put on that page, please e-mail me.

Nov 23-> As much as I loved the blue background, it just wasn't working... everything was too hard to read. So there is now a solid white background (you may have to refresh for it to take effect). And I also rearranged the main page and the Tabs so that the links weren't a big, long, confusing list.

Nov 22-> The Interviews/Articles section was added, and 1 new Link was added.

Nov 20-> 4 new Tour Dates were added, and the venues of 10 Underdog shows were added. The rest of the venues should be known soon!

Nov 11-> Underdog Tour Dates are now up! The venues are still unknown right now, but those will be up probably within the week. And the Article That Ben Wrote was added.

Nov 7-> News about the Underdog Tour was added.

Nov 4-> The Polls were updated. I added new polls and restarted the Album poll so that the votes would be all after the release of Underdog :-)

Nov 3-> I added 12 new Quotes and 5 new Pictures in the Picture Playground Effects page (which was the Flower Power page, but I just put all the effects pics together.)

Oct 30-> The Tabs to Good Life were added. Also, the Get Down Video is now the complete video rather than just a 30 second clip.

Oct 29-> Wow, lots of updates lately, huh? I majorly remodled the Bio page with new graphics and a separate page for each of the guys' bios.

Oct 28-> I added the Games and the link to the Real Audio interview on and I also updated the Bio page to correspond with the new title picture. I also added 2 new Links

Oct 25-> The "Get Down" audio file was fixed (it plays Get Down now, instead of Underdog, sorry bout that), and clips from Don't Censor me and bloOm were added to the Sounds/Discography page.

Oct 24-> The Flicker Records page was updated.

Oct 13-> The Tabs to Hands and Feet were added. And I made 3 new Graphics

Oct 11-> The Flicker Records page was rearranged and updated.

Oct 8-> I put up a new title picture for the website, and I added a link to Bearster, Kittymac and TYFOON!'s website DFC Check it out! :-)

Oct 7-> I added a review of Underdog to the Reviews and I also changed some of the scores on the albums so that they were more accurate with the release of Underdog now :-)

Oct 6-> I created 5 new banners to go with the new page name and look and I put them in a new section; Link to GET DOWN! Feel free to check it out even if you don't want to link to my site - the banners are pretty spiffy cool lookin if I do say so myself!

Sept 29-> 22 new Pictures were added: 4 Group Pics; 7 Tyler Pics; 4 Bob Pics; 3 Mark Pics; 2 Will Pics; 1 Ben Pic; and 1 Mike Pic. (all new pictures are from 9.18, thanks to Julie for letting me use the pics!) And I added Tabs for Underdog and My Love.

Sept 23-> Two new things were added to the Odd Audio A Info, thanks to one of Ben's old classmates for the info!

Sept 18-> I changed the background on the webpage, and I updated the Picture Gallery with 3 new Group Pics, 2 new Mike Pics, and 1 new Mark Pic. (pictures are from 9.10 and 9.15)

Sept 16-> I scanned the pictures in the Underdog CD and put them up in the Picture Gallery.

Sept 13-> The Flower Power Pictures were added, and the News was updated.

Sept 12-> The full versions of all the songs from Underdog are now up in the Sounds/Discography section. I also added about 55 new pictures to the My Pics section of the Picture Gallery from my trip to see Audio A on Friday!

Sept 9-> The brand new Get Down Music Video is up... and check back in two days to be able to listen to all of Audio A's new songs from Underdog in entirety, before you can buy the CD!! Also, some how I deleted the "Duos & Trios" when I updated the picture gallery a while back - I re-added those, and I added a picture section for Mike Owsley (Audio A's touring keyboardist)... check back this weekend for lots more pictures! (I'm going to a concert this weekend - so there's gonna be lots to put up when I get back!)

Sept 3-> I added 14 new Pictures from Rock the Universe and Sonfest '99. And the News was updated.

Sept 1-> I finally got those Pictures up!!! Yea! They're so cute :-) Check it out! And I rearranged my picture gallery, now each member has their own section and it's a lot easier to navigate around :-) And I added a new Quote thanks to Bearster!

Aug 27-> You can win an iMac or a number of other Audio A prizes at ForeFront Records' webpage! I added a link to that on the main page, and I am also giving the Picture Gallery a major face lift! I got a scanner, so a lot of new pics are coming soon!

Aug 21-> Woohoo, I found a new transloader and am able to bring you fresh, new, glorious Audio A Pictures!. Enjoy!

Aug 20-> I added a new graphic and lyrics to the Underdog Preview section. I am working very hard to get some new Audio A pictures up, but my transloader is being very narky right now, so it may be a while!

Aug 12-> My friend and I wrote a song for Ben's birthday, and I put it up in the Happy Birthday, Ben!!! section.

Aug 3-> I added Tabs for People Like Me, The Hairbrush Song, Walk on Water, Bag Lady, I Hear Jesus Calling, Memoir, We're a Band and Scum Sweetheart. And, I added 3 new Pictures from the Underdog album.

Aug 1-> The News and Quotes were updated.

July 27-> The Chords to "Get Down" were corrected. "Get Down" has been officially released to radio, you can request it at ChristianRock.Net too.

July 23-> Some more News about Underdog, and one new Picture was added.

July 20-> Tabs for "Get Down" were added, thanks to TYFOON! for sending them to me.

July 15-> The Links and Endorsements/Equipment were updated.

July 13-> More News about Underdog was added.

July 12-> I added Sound Clips from 3 of the songs on Audio A's upcoming album, Underdog. And 7 new Pictures were added.

July 10-> I made some cool picture graphics of the guys on magazine covers and on TV, and I put them up in the Pictures section.

July 5-> More News was added.

July 2-> I added a section with Tabs to 16 of Audio A's songs.

July 1-> I added a gif to the main page, and Tyler's hometown was added to the Bio page.

June 28-> I added some more News about the Underdog album, and I also got a redirection URL! You can now visit my site by going to And you can go directly to my Flicker Records site by going to

June 22-> Normal maintenance and the Links were updated.

June 21-> The Odd Info section was updated and I added a link to My Page About Me in the Links page.

June 20-> The News and Links we updated.

June 18-> A Picture from when me and my friends went to Sonfest '99 was added, and hopefully more from that trip will be coming soon!

June 17-> In celebration of the new Audio A album, I have renamed my site and changed it around quite a bit! I also changed the Links page and added a new link. Some more News about upcoming contributions to compilation CDs was added too.

June 16-> The News was updated.

June 15-> 4 new Quotes were added, and the Endorsements & Equipment section was added so you can find out what equipment AA uses and visit some of the websites owned by those companies.

June 13-> I saw Audio A live last Friday! (the 11th!) It was so awesome!!!! And Ben actually remembered me from when I had met him 9 months before! I added Pictures from that show and the one they did yesterday in VA.

June 10-> I found lyrics to Audio Adrenaline's demo tape called "Reaper's Train" from when they were named A-180 and I posted them in a new section called A-180 Lyrics. I also added 4 new Pictures from the Billy Graham Crusade.

June 9-> I updated the information in the Bio and I added a new page full of Underdog Graphics. (More of those to come soon!)

June 7-> The lyrics to "Get Down" were added to the News section.

June 2-> 6 new Tour Dates were added. Only 103 days til Underdog!

May 31-> The main page was changed with some new graphics.

May 29-> I've been at camp and haven't had time to update much, but I added 3 new Pictures... have you seen Ben lately? He bleached his hair! :-)

May 15-> The main page was worked on a bit more again.

May 7-> 24 more Tour Dates now have phone numbers listed next to them. I also added 8 new Tour Dates. And I gave the main page a major face lift! You like the new look?

May 4-> A new title picture was added. The News was updated with the correct release date for Underdog, 9 new Pictures were added and 9 things were added to the Odd Audio A Info page. And the Lyric of the Month was taken down because it was getting, frankly, annoying.

April 29-> A banner link was added to the Links and Index pages pages to Riley Armstrong's site.

April 28-> BREAKING FLICKER NEWS! Mark, Bob and Will have officially announced their first artist to be signed to Flicker Records! For more info, visit my Flicker Records section.

April 25-> Some new Audio A News about the new album was added, and some new stuff about Flicker Records was added also.

April 24-> 19 new Audio A Tour Dates were added.

April 22-> I changed the Lyric of the Week page to the Lyric of the Month page cause I can't keep up every week... And I added a link to Scarecrow & Tinmen's webpage on the Audio World Links page.

April 18-> Some really kewl Audio A News was added, and 1 new Odd Audio A Info thingy was added to the top of the list. I also rearranged the Audio A Pics page and the descriptions are much better now!